Industry, Energy and Telecom

It is for customers for whom reliability and high technical parameters are a priority. Complete solutions for energy, industry and telecommunications. From design to implementation and maintenance.

Systemy UPS

UPS Systems

Recently it is no longer necessary to explain to customers how important is to guarantee power supply of their data processing systems, production lines…

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UPS dynamiczne

Dynamic UPS

In the proposal are available dynamic ups (drups – diesel rotary ups, rups – rotary ups) in the power range from 400kva to 3000kva.

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We are a supplier of modular dc power systems designed for uninterrupted power teleinformational, energetic and industrial infrastructure.

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Inverters provide power supply of single-phase or three-phase loads with stabilized ac voltage without interference.

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Przetwornice DC/DC

DC/DC converters

DC/DC converters are required to provide an additional dc for power supply of ics with different voltage than the battery voltage.

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Baterie przemysłowe

Industrial batteries

To meet the needs of our clients, we offer a full range of batteries available on the market.

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Battery rooms

Design, construction, renovation and equipping of industrial battery rooms together with the replacement of all devices.

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Rozdzielnice elektryczne

Electric switchgears

Among our products you will find a typical electrical distribution panels and cabinets for distribution of ac and dc power for specific projects.

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Agregaty prądotwórcze

Diesel genset

generating set is a reliable solution that can function as a primary source of energy as well as an emergency or auxiliary power supply especially…

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