Obsługa techniczna i serwisWe provide comprehensive customer service, including technical and commercial advice, personal projects power systems, as well as after-guarantee service, as well as training in use and maintenance.


Over the years we have accumulated extensive knowledge of projects implementation and we have gained a wealth of experience, offering advanced solutions in the field of technical infrastructure integration. It makes us the relevant partners to provide guidance, consultations and advices to the customers operating in various sectors of public and private sectors.

After careful examination of the client’s needs, situation analysis and systems audit that are already installed, we develop the concept and work out in details the ways of its realization. If necessary, we attract academic institutions to the project and before selecting specific solutions we conduct relevant research to find the solution that will bring the maximum benefit to our client. During this process, our primary goal is to provide technology that is used by customers and helps them to achieve their goals.

ProjektowanieEnergyOn experts develop and provide all necessary documents for the implementation of solutions, starting from initial sketches through detailed design and ending with the operational documentation. In the design phase, our specialists carry out a detailed assessment of the project, analyzing all opportunities and potential threats, so as to be able to provide our customers with quality solutions that meet all applicable requirements and construction standards

Instalacja i wdrożenie systemu

EnergyOn acting as general contractor takes responsibility for the implementation of the whole project. All projects are managed by our experts, who have extensive experience in providing solutions of varying difficulty, and in addition, are able effectively to manage the subcontractors. The secret of our success lies not only in high quality, experience and competence, but in the meticulous process of control, continued throughout the project period.

After installation is completed, we will provide our clients with extensive documentation and provide training in maintenance and the efficient use of the system. If you have questions later, we provide our clients with advice repeatedly.

Our technical support specialists not only eliminate the fault occurred, but also carry out preventive, periodic technical inspections of the installed systems and, if necessary, their repair.

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