Charging rooms

akumulatorniaWhen you have a fleet of electric forklifts and you do not know how to ensure proper charging in accordance with the formal requirements. How to avoid problems when checking by State labor inspection and State health inspection, relating to the replacement of battery, as well as environmental conditions? We can not only explain the minimum requirements, to prepare projects, or deliver the equipment, but also we can perform complex realization of tasks, as well as with the subsequent service support and even take over the external services of accumulators facilities, what completely eliminates the problems of Customer.

From guidelines to implementation. While working with us you will solve all your problems with charging of traction batteries. We can make a project based on your requirements and restrictions in your company adapting future charging room to current regulations and to your needs and development plans. Each of our projects involves the possibility of expansion while developing your business. We know that you need money to grow your business and that’s why your battery room grows along with your needs. So you pay only for what you need at the moment and improve operation of trucks and speed up work.

Battery tables enable battery replacement directly in forklift, but we suggest using overlays (ATC – Automatic transfer carrriage) on pallet trucks for replacement. Adjustable working tables provide adaptability to any type of forklift. Each model of the table can be equipped with a protective frame and shelf for rectifier. We also produce roller tables on special order, of non standard dimensions for batteries not included in our catalog.

EnergyOne provides with complete equipment for charging rooms. Therefore, there should be device for battery replacement. We offer both simple overlays for manual replacement as well as electric overlays with electromagnet for various electric trucks and fully automated multi-level systems. Systems of battery replacement can additionally be equipped with surveillance systems, water filling and maintenance control.

Once you have created charging room it comes time for daily work. Question arises what about our operations? Do you replace batteries properly? Do we have enough batteries and maybe too many? Do workers refill water at sufficient frequency? Are the batteries fully charged?

The answers to these and other questions can be easily achieved using system of monitoring and supervision in accumulator premise.

  • full charge control
  • selection of correct battery indicated by system
  • signaling of charging status
  • registration of charging process
  • possibility to supervise rectifiers work by computer network
  • registration in the network all battery cycles and reporting
  • signaling system operation
  • signaling a lack of ventilation
  • signaling power failure
  • signaling gas presence in premises
  • reports and data analysis

Accessories for charging rooms constitute a very important element of this project. In our offer you will find everything that can be used when working with batteries.

  • overlay to replace battery (transfer carriage)
  • carts for water refilling
  • barrels to refill water systems
  • demineralisers
  • rollovers
  • H&S sets
  • handles and frames
  • ventilation systems and their components
  • aerometers
  • aspirator
  • mechanical parts (fenders, fender moldings, beams, etc.).
  • drip trays
  • extraction arms
  • manual changing equipment
  • and many others …
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