ProstownikiOne of the key elements of power systems of electric forklifts is the corresponding charger to charge traction batteries. We offer a variety of solutions from classic 50Hz chargers, high frequency chargers HF, as well as special solutions. We can offer solutions that will reduce the charging time, increase battery life and prepare analysis of charge cycles.

Classic but very powerful. These rectifiers provide fast charging with high efficiency. The cheapest option if you are looking for a reliable and safe charging system.

High frequency (HF) rectifiers belong to the highest class of traction systems. Devices with efficiency up to 96%, with a choice of charging characteristics, change of battery type and capacity. Using these devices we do not only save on energy consumption but also protect our environment because thanks to modern characteristics energy consumption and CO2 is reduced by more than 30%.
As the rectifiers have a built-in microprocessor that it is possible to implement a number of features in them to improve charging and to lengthen service life of traction batteries

To provide you with the opportunity to choose a solution that meets all your expectations company EnergyOn offers special solutions such as rectifiers in industrial version, with housing of higher IP, multi rectifier cabinets and others.
We are able to offer personalized solutions manufactured according to your requirements.

To take full advantage of all traction rectifiers possibilities, we can offer many additional options. Such as:

  • pump EUW
  • Aquamatic (BFS)
  • pilot contact
  • multivoltage
  • graphic display with transparent menu
  • communication with battery controller
  • temperature sensor
  • compensation of long line IR
  • external light of charging status
  • external control panel
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