Systemy UPSRecently it is no longer necessary to explain to customers how important is to guarantee power supply of their data processing systems, production lines, communication systems and security systems and emergency lighting.

Uninterruptible power systems allow in many places a very simple way to solve problems of power stability and the use of modular system also allows for easy and rapid expansion or maintenance.

Due to long experience, we can offer a variety of solutions that are designed for current needs, but also take into account future development plans and atypical events.

In order to shorten time of repair, increase flexibility and reliability concept of modular systems has been developed.
Real modular systems are systems deprived of single points of failure, each module is an independent autonomous power supply of UPS having its own booster, rectifier and inverter as well as control system. The modules are placed in UPS cabinet with female outlets (modules have male plugs). Replacing of modules during maintenance or breakdown is based on the principle of “HOT SWAP”

The most modern modular systems are built on a decentralized basis with dynamic system master / sleep master. In case of master module (master) failure, another unit in uninterruptible mode takes the function of control. Thanks to rapid exchange of the module during 10 minutes we get UPS system at availability of “six nines” (99.9999%)

Advantages of modular system:

  • very high availability
  • very low MTTR indicator (mean time to repair)
  • exchange “hot swap”
  • automatic programming of replaced module
  • N + 1 redundancy
  • lack of a single point of failure
  • redundant circuits in each module
  • multi-master system (master / sleep master)
  • decentralized parallel architecture
  • lower operating costs
  • > 96% efficiency in double conversion mode
  • > 99% efficiency in mode “super efficiency”
  • “Pay as you grow” scalability to 1000kW
  • Highest quality energy
  • UPS classification VFI-SS-111
  • power factor ≥ 0.99
  • Very high overload resistance

Systems such as ‘stand alone’ are known and used for many years. There are single freestanding units – ‘one block’ is one power supply of UPS. There is also possibility of their parallel operation, which gives the option to increase system capacity or redundancy. Also, these systems have more modular components which speed up possible repair or maintenance. We offer monoblock UPS of one and three-phase with power from a few kVA to several MW.

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