Energy storage

Magazyny energii

Energy produced from renewable energy sources, especially in the wind power and photovoltaic installations, is a difficult problem for the electric network. Power consumption in the network is not constant, subject to the daily fluctuations in a fairly large range. Adjusting of electric power system is complex, as it involves the need to ensure appropriate parameters (voltage, frequency) in network. In the case of conventional power plants, such as steam turbines, power limitation is possible by reducing the pressure of steam or turbine speed. In wind power plants, such adjustment is not possible. Sudden wind power changes (such as a thunderstorm) can quickly generate significant power hard to be taken by energy system. Power surges or temporary absence, in its turn, is a threat to the end users, machines, computers, etc. The solution to this problem is the so-called smart systems “smart grid”, equipped with all necessary tools, including energy storage.

The purpose of electrical energy storage:

  • increasing the efficiency of energy production;
  • better efficiency of production management systems and transmission;
  • improving the quality of electricity;
  • better use of renewable energy sources.
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