We are a supplier of modular DC power systems designed for uninterrupted power teleinformational, energetic and industrial infrastructure. Modular DC power systems working usually as buffering power supplies operating in conjunction with accumulators protect loads against interference or disruption in power supply network. Modular system operating in parallel with the power supply unit configured according to Hot-Plug technology, which allows attaching the modules without shutting down the system (Plug and Play), which ensures high reliability and flexibility of supply. This system design enables rapid and nonstop expansion in terms of available capacity and is easy to install and maintain.

It is a special range of industrial modular power systems that meet specific requirements, which are present in industries such as the petrochemical, energetic and automation and industrial control. These systems are available for constant output voltage of nominal value 24 V, 48 V, 60 V, 110 V and 220 V DC.


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